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Made with advanced technology

BACKTEE passionately pursue fabric made with advanced technology, and adding to this research and development, the use of innovative designs and construction ensures that golfers can always perform their best and feel comfortable while doing so. All our garments have different features depending on the individual product characteristics.

Sun Protection

Enjoy playing a round of golf on a clear day while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Wearing this insulating fabric in cold weather will not only keep you warm and dry, but also offers you maximum comfort as its wicking ability transports moisture vapour away from the skin.

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The taped seams and the technology of the fabric keeps wet weather out while allowing moisture vapour to escape. This superior breathability keeps you dry, ensuring maximum comfort.

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Water Repellent

Enjoy playing in the occasional shower. Stay dry in fabric that provides durable protection from showers and splashes and lets you focus on your game.

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Moisture Control

Enjoy playing even in humid conditions. This quick-dry fabric offers you maximum comfort as it keeps you dry through its superior capabilities, which transports moisture away from the skin.

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This reversible apparel can also be worn inside out, which means it’s a 2-in-1 item offering you a quick change of outfit and a completely different look. This 2-in-1 apparel offers superior quality, functionality and great value for money.

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In windy weather this fabric’s construction will protect you from heat loss as it prevents wind from passing through the material. This feature offers maximum comfort in breezy weather.

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The construction of this fabric ensures that even though its weight is kept to a minimum, the freedom of movement, fit and comfort is taken to a new level.

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Enjoy maximum freedom of movement in stretchable fabrics that offer a perfect fit and great comfort while you play golf.

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Media Ready

Listen to your favorite music while concentrating on your swing. This item offers a hole allowing you to tuck the cord of your headphones from your media player underneath your jacket.

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Non-slip Band

Non-slip coating on the waistband prevents your t-shirt from slipping out, and non-slip coating on the inner pockets keeps your glove and scorecard in place and so you can focus on your game.

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Flexfit Waist

Stretchable waistband expands and contracts with your movement for extra comfort and flexibility giving maximum freedom og movement while you play golf.

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