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In our range, we have developed a brand new and innovative product in the form of this 80 g packable jacket/windshirt in a lightweight polyester material. The product is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear while providing protection against the wind and light showers. Even though the products are lightweight, we have not compromised on style.

Our 80-gram jacket/windshirt is popular among people on the golf course, those exploring nature, or simply participating in outdoor activities where comfort and freedom of movement are important. They are also useful for travel, as they can function as an extra layer of protection without taking up much space in the luggage.



The jacket can be folded into one pocket, so it doesn't take up more space than it can fit in a bag, glove compartment, or bike basket.

The jacket is made with an OSM shield, which adds extra value by keeping you dry and comfortable. Furthermore, materials treated with OSM Shield require fewer washes, significantly less drying time, and less detergent.

Read more about OSM Shield here


80 g. packable shield jacket

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