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Trousers & shorts

Trousers & shorts

Trousers & shorts

Ultralight collection

When playing golf, it's crucial that the clothing provides freedom of movement, and it shouldn't require a trade-off between unparalleled comfort and good style. Therefore, we've developed an innovative series of lightweight garments for both men and women seeking comfort, freedom of movement, and style on the golf course.

Incorporating stretchable materials, our lightweight series offers exceptional freedom of movement, allowing for natural swings and movements during the round. The material is designed with moisture-wicking properties, 4-way stretch, and is ultra-lightweight. After washing, the fabric dries quickly and is wrinkle-resistant. It's super light and comfortable to wear on a hot summer day on the golf course.

For men, the series includes shorts and pants in two lengths - 31" and 34" - available in several colors, as well as Sports pants in three colors – navy blue, ombre blue and black.

For the ladies, there are shorts and shorts in several colors as well as Sports pants, which, depending on how tall you are, vary from being full length or 7/8, these are available in three colors – navy blue, ombre blue and black.
Due to high demand, we've added another option to the women's collection: a classic full-length pant, designed with straight legs.

Our lightweight series is the ideal choice for golfers at all levels who desire optimal freedom of movement and want to enjoy a comfortable and stylish experience, whether on the fairway or in the clubhouse.

Hybrid Thermal trousers

Welcome to our groundbreaking Hybrid Thermal Pants, designed to take your outdoor experience to the next level. These pants are created with advanced technology and carefully selected materials to ensure optimal comfort, mobility, and protection in various weather conditions and activities.

Our Hybrid Thermal Pants combine the best of both worlds by integrating thermal-insulating materials that effectively keep you warm even in the coldest conditions. You can enjoy your outdoor activities without freezing and maintain your body's natural warmth.

Despite their thermal-insulating properties, our pants are designed with a focus on breathability and ventilation. This ensures that excess heat and sweat can easily evaporate away, keeping you dry and comfortable even during intense activities.

With our Hybrid Thermal Pants, you don't have to sacrifice mobility for warmth. They are designed to give you full freedom of movement, allowing you to perform any activity without restrictions, whether it's hiking, skiing, or a round of golf.

We understand the importance of durability, especially when it comes to outdoor clothing. Therefore, our Hybrid Thermal Pants are made from the highest quality materials, engineered to withstand wear and tear and endure even the most demanding conditions.

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