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Rain gear

Rain gear

Rain gear

Our High-Performance rainwear is designed with 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement. The material is made of a water and dirt-resistant lightweight and soft fabric with a very high level of waterproofness and breathability W/P 15,000 – MVP 15,000.

4-way stretch rainwear is an advanced and technologically sophisticated form of rain clothing that offers exceptional freedom of movement and comfort. The "4-way stretch" refers to the fabric's ability to stretch in all directions – both horizontally and vertically. This makes the clothing extremely flexible and adapts to the body's movements, which is particularly valuable in activities that require great agility. Therefore, it is optimal for golf but also for activities such as hiking, cycling, and more.

The materials used in our 4-way stretch rainwear combine waterproof properties with elastic fibers. This is not only for protection against rain but also to enable effortless movement without restricting the user's freedom. It is an ideal solution for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, even when the weather is not cooperative.

In addition to technical functionality, our 4-way stretch rainwear is also popular for its lightweight and compact design, making it easy to wear and store. The combined flexibility, water protection, and comfort make 4-way stretch rainwear an excellent choice for those who want to preserve their mobility while being protected from inclement weather.

The smooth gray lining in the rain jacket, melted together with the outer fabric and the waterproof membrane into a 3-layer unit, eliminates the need for a mesh lining and makes the product easy to put on and take off.

The jacket features slanted waterproof zip pockets, adjustable cuffs on the sleeves, and adjustable elastic at the bottom and neck for a comfortable fit. Our rainwear also has both welded and taped seams, which are two different methods used to make rainwear watertight at the joints. The welded or taped seams are just as important for the waterproofness of the rainwear as the material it is made from.

Taped seams mean that the seams are sealed with a special tape, making the rainwear waterproof at those specific seams. If you turn the rainwear inside out, the taped seams become visible.

Welded seams mean that the seams are fused together instead of being sewn together.

Our extra-long zippers on the trouser legs are, among other things, taped to ensure that no water enters, and the zipper itself is waterproof on the front. The extra-long zipper also makes it easy and quick to put on the pants without having to take off your shoes.

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