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Stand bags

Stand bag's

A stand bag, also known as a carry bag, is designed to be carried on the golfer's back during a round of golf. Here are some important features of a stand bag:

Lightweight: Stand bag's are lighter than other types of golf bag's, as they are designed to be carried on the golfer's back throughout the round, making them more convenient to transport over longer distances. Our carry bag weighs 2.2 kg.

Shoulder straps: Our stand bag has adjustable shoulder straps and padded back support to provide comfort during the carrying process.

Stand system: One of the distinctive features of a stand bag is its stand system. When the bag is placed on the ground, the stand automatically unfolds, keeping the bag upright and providing easy access to the clubs without the need to lay the bag down.

Divided compartments: Our stand bag features a 14-way divider system for each club, helping to organize and protect the golf clubs during transport. This also reduces the risk of clubs getting tangled or damaged.

Storage options: Although stand bag's don't have as many pockets as cart bag's, our stand bag has a total of 5 storage compartments, including a cooler pocket for beverages and 2 mesh pockets for balls, tees, water bottles, scorecards, and other personal items. The bag is designed with umbrella, glove, and towel holders.

Suitable for walking rounds: Due to their lightweight and carry-friendly design, stand bag's are ideal for golfers who prefer to walk a round of golf rather than using a golf cart.

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